Edimburgh - Scotland

One of our last trips brought us here, to Edinburgh, the capital of Scotland. We came here to meet one of our couples, who chose to have their Destination Wedding in Italy, at the Villa di Striano, near Florence. They took us through the city streets, telling us historical anecdotes and showing us some hidden corners of Edinburgh. We enjoyed every corner we saw; the architecture of this city is amazing and rich.

Amalfi Coast - Campania, Italy

Our last trip to Campania took us here along the Amalfi Coast to discover many magnificent towns. We stayed in Amalfi to explore the town through its alleys and then passed by Sorrento and tasted the famous limoncello, visited Villa Cimbrone in Ravello, and ate fresh fish in Positano. The true Italian dream is born here, under the scorching sun of this magnificent Italian region, bathed by a beautiful sea.

Rome - Lazio, Italy

Last year we joined a couple of newlyweds-to-be for an Engagement Session in Rome, the great Capital of Italy, in Lazio. We got a closer look at the Teatro Marcello, smaller than the colosseum but equally beautiful. We strolled the small streets of the Trastevere district, full of typical places to taste real Roman cuisine such as carbonara and pasta all'amatriciana. We boarded small rowboats in the lake of one of Rome's most fantastic gardens, Villa Borghese Park.

Pitigliano and Saturnia thermal baths - Tuscany, Italy

Terme di Saturnia is one of the largest free spas in all of Tuscany and is located near Pitigliano, in the province of Grosseto. It is always a pleasure to come here to relax by soaking in the ever-warm water, in the evocative limestone pools with the clearest waters. The most striking point of these spas are the Cascate del Mulino waterfalls, which can be visited all year round.

Cork, Skibbereen, Moher - Ireland

In Ireland we felt at home, welcomed as if we had lived there forever. On our trip to Southern Ireland we went from visiting the capital, Cork, a pulsating center of life, full of color, then traveling inland, passing through vast countryside as far as the eye could see and finally arriving in Skibbereen, a small country town. A landscape truly full of pleasant surprises.

Paris - France

Obviously Paris needs no introduction, so we invite you to enjoy our journey through the postcards we brought back from France. The memories we tried to capture relate mainly to the various atmospheres we breathed and experienced, such as that of Parisian cafes. From Montmartre to the Louvre, everything seemed perfect.

Giogo's Mountains - Massa, Italy

This location was a real discovery for us. We were traveling by motorcycle along the Tuscan-Romagna Apennines in the province of Massa, and from a distance we spotted strange silhouettes on the mountain ridge of Mount Giogo. It is a Former NATO Base used during the Cold War for communications in the Mediterranean Sea. Going inside to explore it is really a unique feeling, the large parabolas dominate the valley where in the distance you can also see the sea of Liguria and Tuscany.