Frequently Asked Questions

Here you'll find the most common questions. We want to help you better understand how we work and if we can take care of your needs. If you don't find the answer you're looking for, get in touch with us from the Contact page; We will be happy to answer your questions!

We work throughout EUROPE without charging any travel costs! We love traveling; moving around, seeing new places and getting to know new love stories; it is always the greatest satisfaction for us! So we are always ready to go to reach you anywhere! That’s why we love to call ourselves TRAVEL WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHERS.

Our 3 keywords are: Natural, Unposed, Real. We tell stories as naturally and spontaneously as possible. Our commitment is to tell the emotions in all their beauty and simplicity! We do not like contrived posing, we always try to shoot our subjects as unobtrusively as possible.

We are not anchored to a fixed style but constantly renew ourselves as well as our works. We listen to our artistic unconscious with which we try to keep our distance from the classic “we have always done it this way.” We therefore invest, both in terms of equipment (classic but also vintage, alternative and collateral) and in terms of searching for new and different ideas; we are constantly looking for new stimuli and new sources of inspiration (very often it is couples who give us the inspiration we need). We are always very attentive to changes in the market and its trends even though we always try to remain consistent with our artistic vision.

No, but based on our experience we can certainly recommend excellent and professional videomakers who are perfectly compatible with the way we work.

We do not bind the couple in their choice of videomaker, but keep in mind that for everyone, working with someone compatible improves the quality of the final result. It has happened in the past that we have had to work with professionals with whom we have had problems, and this has partly compromised the quality of our work. In fact, you should know that videomakers are also very important to the success of the photo shoot and should complement the photographer’s work without creating problems and conflicts.

We will provide you with a list and you can contact them directly or, if you work with a Wedding Planner, have the agency contact them.

In any case, and whatever your choice, feel free to ask our opinion about the videomakers you are considering for your wedding.

We have proposals for all budgets and it is important to remember that we can always manage to adapt to your needs! So don’t be afraid to talk to us about your difficulties, we could always find a solution together.

To take a look of the full price list you can fill out the form in here: Get a Quote

We have a maximum of 25 places available per season, so if you have chosen Saturdays or Sundays, especially during high demand periods (June, July, September) at least 1 year’s notice is recommended.

However, this should not prevent you from sending a request; who knows, maybe someone has moved their date or you might just get lucky!

The most convenient period for reservations is between October and December inclusive; in fact, during this period we activate a promotion that can save you money by purchasing one of our packages.

Requests for last-minute services are also accepted.

If you would like to have a reservation after seeing the price list, send us your preferences and we will send you the final quote! Then all you need to do is accept it and follow the wizard that will lead you to the signing of the contract and the deposit. Once the deposit is made the booking will be complete!

(If you do not have access to the price list you can request it by filling out the form here: Get a Quote).

We prefer Videocall, we optimize and we are able to get to know each other quickly without expenses for anyone and above all in a green way!

In fact, you should know that our business always takes us on the road, so it is always difficult for us to be able to be physically present at the meetings; that is why we always propose to do a Videocall; it turns out to be very convenient for couples who during the working day cannot carve out space for a physical meeting or who are also very far from where we live.

Instead, in order to be able to meet each other before the wedding, we suggest doing a couple shooting, which we very often offer as a gift (Engagement Shooting); we can do this at one of the locations we have already visited that you can see on the About Us page; or we can also consider some location of your taste. This helps us to get to know each other both personally and professionally before the wedding, so that you will be more comfortable when the big day arrives. Highly recommended! 😀

Absolutely yes! Winter weddings are beautiful and our services are discounted from November to March. The Off Season discount it’s 20%.

Of course! We will be very happy to meet and tell your love story!
We travel all year round and have lots of amazing locations to offer you.

We live in Tuscany but are always on the road, we suggest you always keep an eye on our travel schedule on our About Us page; maybe we will pass right by you! If you are “on the road” you will also receive a significant discount on services!

You will receive the digital material almost 2 months after the day it was acquired, via an On-Line gallery; we also offer a priority delivery solution that greatly reduces delivery time; just request the service during the quote phase.

We deliver the digital material through an On-Line gallery; you can access your personal space by viewing it either from mobile media (smartphones), from your computer or directly from your smart TV; this link is sharable and, whoever receives it, can view download and manage the images up to and including printing them in complete autonomy. It is mandatory, however, to download the material and archive it; we strongly recommend storage on your own personal cloud. Our obligation to keep in archive is 1 year after delivery, after that limit we will not be obliged to provide any replication of the digital files.

We have decided to follow a maximum of 25 weddings per season; this gives us the opportunity to dedicate greater attention to each one. We like to build an empathetic, solid and lasting relationship with couples that allows us all to be much more relaxed; here is our secret to spontaneity!

The answer is 50/50! Reportage is strongly linked to what actually happens so it’s impossible for us to be able to capture something that doesn’t exist. The secret lies in trying to move the event; what you can do is ask your guests to help us, making sure that many things can happen during the wedding day to make your story even more exclusive and personal.

It would be false of us to say that location is not important. By “location” we mean all those places that we will use on the wedding day. Tidy, bright and spacious spaces are fundamental elements for maximum performance. For this reason it is important to take these aspects into account when choosing the location.

You definitely work better with a full stomach! Even simple things will be fine, just to have the energy to stay on your feet until the end of the day. We will be extremely grateful.

It is possible to do it, provided that the spouses do not get ready far apart from each other. The idea is to manage one spouse at a time so one of the two will have to prepare a little earlier, in order to allow the other to be followed during this phase as well. In the event of a considerable distance, additional photographer will be required.

There is never a specific number. It ranges from 700 to 2.000 photos for weddings and from 100 to 400 photos for couple sessions; of course they are all post produced. Delivery is always via the web.

No! Our reportages mirror the wedding day, so it’s absurd for us to make a person thinner or wrinkle-free if they have them. For us weddings are not fashion shootings, consequently we do not seek aesthetic perfection but the empathic essence of moments. So if you are looking for absolute aesthetics, we are probably not the supplier for you. It should also be specified that our post-production is substantially light precisely because we don’t want to reproduce something too far from reality that gives a distorted sensation.

Absolutely yes! We will get you about 30 preview images a few days after the wedding! We also usually always post a preview on our social channels after each shoot (Instagram), in which we tag both the couple and all vendors present at the event.

Certainly! Once received, the material is yours and you acquire the right to use it; however, there is a law that obliges those who publish other people’s content to cite the author’s credits, so it is always legitimate to ask to insert them. For social they are more commonly called tags.

ATTENTION: Taking a screenshot and reposting is equivalent to the crime of misappropriation; the offense is aggravated if any modification is applied to the contents which distorts its initial essence (the classic example is the application of a filter); all images generated by us are protected by copyright.

For further information on the use of our contents, find the reference page at this link Legal terms of use

Sure! We can shoot the classic “parents photos” without problems and it does not involve any surcharge; however, we need to know your preference in advance because we have to carve out a space of time that will be used to take them (it can vary a lot depending on the number of guests present); all the photos will be included in your delivery folder which you can share with anyone with a click and everyone will be able to independently download and print the images.

Through your On-line gallery, each person can independently print the images she/he prefers directly from the printing service offered by the platform or by downloading and printing them at the nearest store; it can all also be done via smartphone.

Simply select your favorite images in the delivery folder and we’ll take care of the rest!

In any case, we always invite you to think about the album in the phase following the delivery of the digital material; this is because it does not make any sense, according to our philosophy, that the couple should make a commitment from the very beginning that it will probably be almost difficult to have to fulfill after some time. Many couples in fact find that they do not feel the need to go all the way to print for many reasons. In fact, current cloud services guarantee infinite storage of images over time. It sounds absurd but at the moment digital files are safer than printed paper. So we recommend that you rather invest in web (cloud) storage space that can be accessed even after many, many years only through an e-mail and a password.

Feel free to ask us about this.

Drones as we have come to know them are very dangerous and noisy; therefore do not ask us to get too close to people or things; shots will always be taken from a safe distance; we always try not to draw too much attention and not create dangerous and anxious situations for those present. If you are particularly keen on having flying photos of the ceremony in progress, we will need to add a drone driver (service with price increase), because the other operators will be busy taking the performance of the ceremony.

Absolutely not! Drones have the ability to become very dangerous and we in no way want to be associated with dangerous behavior or even worse, accidents of any kind. It doesn’t matter whether or not the drones in question require a flight license; in any case, if someone who is not part of our team takes off their drone even just for a courtesy flight, our services will be permanently interrupted even if the work is in progress.