Why should i buy Giulia & Matteo Exclusive?

We’ve decided to take care of a maximum of 25 events per season, in order to give our clients all the attention they need; this way it could happen that some events overlap.

Therefore, it may happen that you will have our staff on your shooting. Our online showrooms (website, instagram, etc.) show a mix of the owners’ and collaborators’ work; we have, over time, trained some very good collaborators (we love them! They are friends and truly responsible people) but, of course, they are not us; our vision is only in our eyes… it’s a rather difficult concept to express, but the thing is that since it is our artistic work, it is very difficult for someone to replace our vision.

Perhaps, when you requested our services, you were the only couple on that date, but we never know what might happen; another booking might come on that date and they might buy the service before you; it is always an unknown.

So, the only way to be sure about Giulia and Matteo (owners of Studio167) is to buy this service.